Words From My Heavenly Father


My Joy is Thinking of you.


My Thoughts are full of Memories of you.


I Love you with all My Heart.


You are a blessing.


I Am proud of you.


You are a Gift in My Life.


You are My Child.


I wish you could understand..... how much I Love you.


I Am grateful for your life.


I Am always with you....holding you close to My Heart.


You are incomparable and wonderful.


You deserve Love and Happiness.


You deserve to live and to enjoy life......every day.


You are more important to Me...than you can possibly understand.


Your Hopes and Dreams are precious to Me.



Your inner strength is more powerful than you can imagine.


Never give up on yourself.


Reach for your dreams.


Be full of Hope and Love.


Live each day..... the best you can.


There are no limits..... to the good you can do.


There are no limits..... to the Joy you can bring.


You deserve more.... than you can imagine.


I appreciate you.... in every way.


I want you to see yourself.... the way I do.


I want you to know your amazing and wonderful self.


I want you to know that anything is possible to you.


I want you to know.... that you deserve a wonderful life.


Everywhere you journey in life...My Eternal Love will be with you.


My Love..... will be with you forever.


My Love is always meant to be with you.....forever.


My Love will keep us together....forever.


We will share Love and Joy......forever.


You are essential to Me.....you are my Own Child.


We are Spiritually Connected Together......Forever.


You are Part of Me.....Forever.


I Love to make you aware...of Our Love and Our Oneness.


You are always with Me.....no matter where you are.


You are a Joy and Treasure to Me.


No one Loves you More..... than Me.


No one is more Proud of you..... than Me.


You are Always in My Loving Thoughts.


I Am always listening to you... and always watching over you.


I Am always preparing future pathways of Peace and Joy...for you.


You are invaluable to Me.


My Precious Child, Remember everyday......I am Always Loving You.


My Precious Child, Your reality is Glorious.


Be open minded to Learning more about Our Love and Oneness


Share your Love and make Friends


Do not worry.....have endless Hope.



Be brave and courageous...knowing I Am always with you.


Avoid things that stress you.....and seek out calm and serenity


Continue your Journey with Honor and Integrity


I Am bringing Joy into your life


Listen to the Love in your Heart.....that is My Voice.


Believe in Yourself......for We are One


Be kind and compassionate


Do your best to make the world..... a better place


Give more than you take


You will rise above anything that troubles you


Live your Life....with Love


I will Always Love you, My Child.......with All My Heart


I want to thank you.... for Being You.....for bringing Joy to Me


Thank you for bringing Joy.... to My Loving Thoughts


I Am Grateful.... to be able to Be..... your Heavenly Father



I Am Your Loving Heavenly Father......and You are My Own Child.











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