Give love and restore someone to joy


Forgive someone

so they can be happy


make others feel precious


have faith in the joy of the lord



love so the unhappy soul

will become beautiful



teach and enlighten others



comfort those who mourn

and lift them up to joy



hearts and minds are fragile

so be careful


don’t wait until tomorrow do good now



 make others feel important

 for the sake of their joy


 seek not to be the most famous person but the most loving


 what you own does not matter,

its what you give away


 having good thoughts towards others, is like medicine to their souls


 wish and pray for happiness, peace, and joy in all people


others do not have to share your beliefs, for you to love them


ugly ducklings and black sheep

need love too




the lord needs you to do your part in his master plan of salvation




 thinking kind and compassionate thoughts towards others, helps bring peace to the world


 stop and look at the beauty of Jesus in your brothers and sisters


 your life has helped bring joy to the world


 your life has made a difference in the world


 your light has been a beacon in the darkness


 your life has added beauty to God’s spiritual tapestry


your life has been an eternal blessing

that will be remembered forever





 your life has helped to bring the glory

of God, on earth through Jesus,

 in your heart




your life has helped to refresh weary souls



your life has added life to all




 do not underestimate the positive effect your life has been





if you see a need… fill it


 your actions reveal your faith and beliefs




 it’s the little things that you have done that means the most




 the person you affect today will affect someone else tomorrow



 the happiness of all depends upon you doing your part


the more humble and loving you are the closer you are to God




all the days of your life are opportunities to work for Jesus



 there is a time to speak softly and a time to say nothing at all


 being a friend to someone is better than being a religious critic



real love means you love everyone, not just your own family



 beware of religious people who talk good and look good, but do nothing to help others


 helping others is a Honor from God



 Can others see the

Love of Jesus in you ?



 Jesus loves me, and I cannot live without Him......should be your words





 leave everyone you meet with the impression that you truly love them





 any work you do is important only in as much, as Love is in it


love has no other message….

other than its own



 there is a way to preach without preaching, it is with deeds and service



 be a living witness for love



 what ever you do… do it with joy and a melody of Love in your heart





be fully and totally dependant on Jesus and his Love



 finding the love of Jesus…

restores the lost innocence of your youth



 giving love causes others…to understand God’s love






 have the courage to love….

 as Jesus loved





 experience the Joy of Giving




 Love people not things


 when Jesus is in you…...then you want to give Love




 never forget… are precious to Jesus



 Jesus Loves us





 have the courage to accept humiliation in the service of the Lord





 we proclaim the good news of God’s Love… through Jesus



 in comforting others…. we are comforted


 share the burdens and sorrows of your brethren




 dedicate your life absolutely to Jesus…meaning loving as He Loves



 fill up your emptiness with Jesus





treat others as the beloved children of God





 be strong in mercy and forgiveness



 give love……….

..don’t keep it for yourself




 never forget you are precious to Jesus




 we must not be afraid…

because Jesus Loves us




we proclaim the good news of god’s love… through Jesus



 in comforting others….

we are comforted



 share the burdens and sorrows of your brethren



 dedicate your life absolutely to Jesus…meaning loving as He Loves




 always remember the gospel is the gospel of Love




 loneiness can be cured by love and love alone



 to know the love of Jesus…… is to know the heart of God