Spiritual War

and the Necessary Separation

between the Good and Evil Spirits


All The Children of God, are good and loving spirits. They are HIS offspring. God is the Spirit of Love. God's children are the Spirits of Love.


Just as a fruit tree brings forth Fruits, after its kind, so to, God has brought forth Children after His Kind. All God's children can be called "the Fruits of God's Loving Spirit."


All God's children are united in a Loving spiritual oneness, and yet each one is unique.


The children of God have spiritual qualities, such as: Love, Joy, Peace, Humility, Kindness, Patience, Courage, Assurance, Hope, Faith, Wisdom, Truth, Honesty, Goodness, Mercy, Compassion, Gentleness, Charity, Forgiveness, Innocence.........and many more qualities.


In order to protect and preserve all the Good Spirits.... God separates His Loving Spirits (His Children)- from all evil spirits.


The Bible makes it very clear, that there are evil/wicked spirits, and that God is separating the Good spirits......from the evil spirits.


devil/devils - is mentioned 154 times in the Bible.

satan - is mentioned 49 times in the Bible.

unclean spirits - is mentioned 10 times in the Bible.

evil spirits - is mentioned 4 times in the Bible.

wicked - is mentioned 453 times in the Bible.

serpent - is mentioned 49 times in the Bible.

dragon - is mentioned 34 times in the Bible.

evil - is mentioned 592 times in the Bible.



All the good spirits of God are members of one another - a Loving spiritual oneness.


United Together in this spiritual oneness - they have all power over evil/wicked spirits.


Evil/wicked spirits continuously try to do everything they can... to: harm- terrorize - intimidate - destroy - confuse - infest - injure - upset .... the good and innocence Spirits of God.


Evil/wicked spirits are diametrically opposed to all the good spirits of God.


Evil/wicked spirits seek to enter human beings and rule their thoughts and actions, with their evil and wicked influence. Evil/wicked spirits are totally insane, totally without any: love or goodness or beneficial qualities.


Evil/wicked spirits form conspiracies against the good human beings.





Good human beings - are really good spirits of God, in a human form.


Evil/wicked human beings - are really evil/wicked spirits in a human form.


Just from outward appearance - it is difficult to tell the difference between a good human being and a evil/wicked human being. You have to look at their actions, and at their intentions, whether they have good intentions or evil intentions.


Good human beings seek to do good, and live in harmony, peace, and care for others. They are really good spirits in a human form.


Evil human beings seek to do evil, and practice deceit, selfishness, lust, pride, hating others. They are really evil/wicked spirits in a human form.


However evil/wicked human beings can outwardly appear as normal.



Every thought comes from a spirit. Good thoughts - from good spirits, and evil thoughts - from evil spirits.


A good person can have unclean/evil spirits in him. This can happen when a person falls to some temptation, and gets infected by evil/wicked spirits. And these spirits cause: confusion, anger, anxious, insanity, and fear.


Fear is an evil spirit, and confusion is an evil spirit. Much like when a person has a virus or bacterial infection that must be destroyed/removed.


The good person can be delivered and set free from these evil spirits. In fact they must be delivered and set free. The Bible tell us that, Jesus delivered Mary Magdalene from 7 devils. And that Jesus cast out a legion of demons out of a man.


Every word you speak started out first as a thought in your mind. And these thoughts are generated from spirits.


Every Word Jesus Spoke was from the Spirits within Him - Spirits of LOVE. God is Love.


When a person reads/hears the Words that Jesus spoke, the spirits of Love are again associated within the mind and thoughts of the reader/hearer of the Word. This is why Jesus said: His Words are Spirit and Life. They trigger spirits in your mind and thoughts, and these same spirits of Love give life to your spiritual being.


Evil/wicked spirits are very dangerous, because they radiate unclean and evil thoughts. They radiate wickedness. They radiate anger, hate, pride, lust, fear, confusion, greed, unforgiveness, revenge, and every other unclean thing.



It is Necessary to Separate the Good, from the Evil Spirits.









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