To go to Heaven, you must answer "YES" to the following questions.



If you answer “NO” to any of the questions, then you still have work to do.




Do you Love people...

more than money?





Do you Love Jesus?





Do you Love Everyone?






Do you Love yourself?






Are you a Loving and Kind person?





Are you a forgiving person?







Are you a humble person?







Are you a non-violent person?







Are you a Honest person?







Do you seek peace and Joy?





Are you unselfish?







Are you trying to make a

 difference in the world?







Do you trust in the Lord Jesus?







Do you have compassion

and Mercy for all?







Are you a peacemaker?







Do you obey the Word of God?







Are you a friendly and

caring person?








Do you try and comfort others?








Do you try and make others happy?








Do you care about the

needs of others?








Do you wish happiness

for all people?








Do you resist evil?








Do you love the Truth?







Do you believe that

God Loves you?







Do you believe that

God Forgives you?








Do you believe that

God is watching over you?







Do you believe that

you are a child of God?








Do you believe that

God is Good?






Do you believe that

God has saved you?








Do you pray for others?







Do you Love those who

have done you wrong?








Do you forgive everyone

for everything?








Do you wish good things

to all people?








Do you Trust in God

to take you to Heaven

and Live forever?